Westnet Broadband Settings

Setup guides for Westnet modems are available here.

You can check which type of broadband you have by checking your address on our website.

If you encounter a setting that isn't listed here (e.g. MTU) in your modem's Setup Wizard/Quick Setup, simply leave it as the default.

Please note: If you use a third party modem, your included phone service (and any calls) will not be available.


WiFi Modem Details

Important: The model of modem shipped may change without notice based on stock levels and other factors. The modem we send you will always be suitable for your selected plan. 


NBN™ plans

NBN™ services include NBN™ FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, HFC, Wireless and Satellite. We currently use two different models of modem for NBN™ services subject to stock availability.

Assistance for those facing domestic or family violence

If you’re experiencing domestic or family violence, we’re here to help.

We understand that having access to communications can be vital for those who are experiencing or have been impacted by domestic or family violence. You can talk to us about how we may be able to assist you in staying connected.


Keeping your mobile number

If you’re the not the account owner but want to be able to keep your mobile number, we may be able to help you in some cases.

Consequences of Restriction, Suspension or Disconnection

This article provides information about the consequences if we, Westnet, exercise our right to restrict, suspend or disconnect one or more of your services for credit or debt management reasons.

If you are experiencing difficulties making this payment, then please see our Financial Hardship Policy for information about your options and how to speak to someone about your circumstances.


Troubleshooting NBN Wireless for Speed issues

  1. Visit our Network Status page to see any known issues in your area that may be affecting your service speed.
  2. Turn off your modem and leave it off for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Turn your modem back on and wait for the modem lights to settle.
  4. Run a speed test.
  5. If you're testing your speed on a device connected to your modem via WiFi, stand next to your modem and run a

    Troubleshooting NBN HFC for Dropouts

    1. Turn off the electrical outlets for both the NBN Connection Box and your modem and leave them off for at least 10 seconds.
    2. Turn both outlets back on and wait for the modem lights to settle.

NBN Setup Videos

This article will link you to setup videos for Westnet modems, which will show you how to plug in your Westnet modem for different types of NBN.

To get started, select your NBN service from the list below:

Priority Assistance services notice

We do not offer priority assistance, nor support for medi-alert services and monitored alarm systems. Priority assistance is offered by Telstra for people who may be reliant on a telephone service because of a serious medical condition. If you have a medi-alert or priority assistance service or believe that you are eligible, please consider this before proceeding with your order.

Set up NBN Wireless

Select your modem to get started.

Set up NBN HFC

Select your modem to get started.