Westnet Modem WiFi Channel Settings

If you have a third party modem, please consult your modem's user manual or check the manufacturer's website for support information.

Need to find the right channel to use? See Finding the best 2.4GHz WiFi channel.


Billing FAQ

How do I add an authorised representative on my account?

Westnet has different types of Account Contacts with varying levels of authority on the account.

Please see Updating your contact details in MyAccount to add, edit or remove account contacts.

What happens if I cannot pay my invoice on time?

In the event that the scheduled payment for your invoice fails, a second payment attempt will be made on the following day. You don’t need to take action as long as your credit card/bank account has sufficient funds within 24 hours of the payment date.

However, if the payment failed due to changed or expired credit card or bank account details, you should update your payment details in MyAccount at your earliest opportunity, then make a manual payment for your current invoice.

How to check your modem delivery status

  1. Once your hardware has been dispatched, you’ll receive an email and/or SMS with a tracking number.
  2. Visit https://startrack.com.au/track/search
  3. Enter your tracking number and click Track. The results will give you an estimated delivery timeframe.
    StarTrack website screenshot


What to expect during a technician visit

Additional protocols during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

The health and safety of our customers, staff and wholesale partners is a priority.

Appointment Booking

When booking your appointment, you will be asked whether you or anyone in your premises:

Supporting you during the COVID-19 outbreak

We’re working hard to ensure the wellbeing of both our customers and staff during these unprecedented times. It is a top priority of the Westnet team to offer the utmost support to you during the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure that your internet service is running as smoothly as possible.

Here are the resources we have available to assist you.


Email Setup in Windows 7 Mail

This article will show you to manually set up a mailbox for your iiNet email address in Windows Live Mail for Windows 7.


How to check for NBN Network Outages

Westnet relies on NBN Co’s infrastructure to deliver our NBN™ services. On occasion, this infrastructure may be affected by unplanned outages or maintenance which can subsequently affect the NBN™ service we deliver to you.

Before contacting us, we recommend checking your address for an NBN™ network outage by following these steps:

Set up Westnet VDSL2 Broadband

Select your modem to get started.