Call Waiting (Standard Phone)

Call Waiting lets you know when you are on a call and someone else is trying to get through to you. You will hear a tone that alerts you to the incoming call.

To turn Call Waiting on for all calls

To turn Call Waiting off for all calls

To check if Call Waiting is on or off

When already on a call, to answer the incoming call

To switch between calls

To hang up on one call and return to the other

If you hear the Call Waiting tone during a call, you can reject the incoming call

Telstra Touchfone 400

If you have a Telstra Touchfone 400 with feature buttons:

To turn Call Waiting on:

To turn Call Waiting off:

To answer the incoming call or to switch between calls:

Do you use the internet or a fax as well as Call Waiting?

There is now no reason to turn Call Waiting off during your fax transmission or internet session.

To automatically turn Call Waiting off for the duration of your internet session or whilst sending a fax, add to the beginning of the internet dialup number or fax number.

Additional Information

Once Call Waiting is activated, it remains on until you switch it off.