Calling Number Display

What is Calling Number Display?

Calling Number Display lets you identify callers without answering the phone. The caller's number will be displayed on the screen unless it has been blocked. This service requires a Calling Number Display telephone or standalone attachment incorporating a display screen.

Display terminology


This meant that the caller:

  • Has chosen to block their number, or
  • Has a silent line or unlisted number, or
  • Is calling from overseas (arriving via a carrier other than Telstra), or
  • Has their telephone service with a carrier or service provider that does not participate in Calling Number Display


May mean that the call is from an overseas caller or a payphone. Some display devices may show the words 'Out of Area'.


Indicates that the calli s from a payphone. The word 'Payphone' will only appear if the display unit supports this option.

Additional information

Line Blocking

Line blocking automatically blocks your number from appearing on display screens when you call other people. Silent numbers automatically have line blocking. Customers without silent numbers can also get line blocking if desired. If you have Line Blocking you can choose to display your number for a particular call by dialling "1832" and then the number you wish to dial.

Call Blocking

If you do not have Line Blocking, you can choose to block your number on a call by call basis so that your phone number remains private by dialling "1831" and then the number you wish to dial.

If you want to know if your number is being displayed when you make a call, phone 12 72 20.