APN Settings - Android

If you are using an Android smartphone with your Westnet Mobile sim card, you'll need to enter the Access Point Name (APN) settings to use the internet on your phone. While it varies from handset to handset, these settings can typically be set from the Settings Menu > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. You can then press the Menu key and select "New APN" to enter the following settings:

  • Name: Westnet Internet
  • APN: yesinternet
  • Proxy:
  • Port:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Server:
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port:
  • MMS Protocol (Android 2.1+): WAP 2.0
  • MCC: 505
  • MNC: 02
  • Auth Type: PAP
  • APN Type: internet

Once you have entered these settings, click the Menu key and then press "Save".