Westnet Mobile Phone Missed Call Service

Westnet Mobile Phone Missed Call Service

Never miss a call with Missed Call Service

If you're out of range, your phone is switched off, busy on another call, or just don't wish to answer, the Missed Call Service is perfect for you.

What should the caller do?

If the caller is unable to reach you, they will be greeted with a short announcement. It will prompt them to leave their number allowing you to call them back, followed by some easy instructions using their keypad to answer the prompts. The caller is given the opportunity to leave an alternate contact number to cater for anyone blocking their Caller ID on the phone they called you on.

Instant notifications

The next time you turn your phone on, finish your call or get back to coverage area you should receive a text message. The Missed Call Service will notify you by sending you an SMS message with the missed callers information (ie Contact Number and time of the call).

Missed Call Service is Free!

The Missed Call Service is free to Westnet customers. There is no charge to enable or disable the service, or receive missed call notifications.

The caller will be charged their normal calls-to-mobile rates while they interact with the announcement and leave their contact number.

You will not be changed for the SMS sent to notify you of the missed calls.

Setup Instructions

Missed call is easy to setup and can be done in the following ways:

  • From your mobile - just dial 159 & follow the prompts
  • By SMS - using your mobile phone's keypad, type ON or OFF and send the message to 159.

It can also be setup via your online MyAccount at the from the following link with your account username and password: