Netphone (VoIP) settings

If you have a Westnet modem, VoIP setup is covered in your modem's setup guide.

Please note that some Westnet VoIP services, such as NBN™ Phone, will not work with a third-party modem.


Before you get started

Make sure you have the following:

  • An active broadband service;
  • A VoIP-enabled modem;
  • A phone handset; and
  • You may also need your Netphone number and Netphone password. These details are emailed to you once your Netphone service is activated.


VoIP settings


The layout of settings in third-party modems can vary greatly. Please check your user manual or the manufacturer's website to see exactly how to access your modem's VoIP settings.


SIP domain:
SIP server:
See “SIP servers” table below
Your VoIP phone number (no spaces or brackets)
Your VoIP password
Re-registration time interval:
300 seconds
Codec preference:
G.729, then G.711 (U-Law and/or A-Law)
Use SRV records
Display name:
Proxy IP:
See “SIP servers” table below
Registrar IP:
See “SIP servers” table below

SIP Servers

You should use your state or territory’s SIP server address wherever your modem settings require you to enter the SIP server, Proxy IP or Registrar IP.



Port Settings

If temporarily disabling your firewall fixes any Netphone issues, you should make sure that the following ports aren't blocked by the firewall:

  • UDP 5060 - This is the default port for VoIP (Mac OSX users with iChat will need to use port 5070 instead)
  • UDP 35000-44999
  • UDP CPE Port - The port your CPE uses for RTP (e.g. 8000-8001 or 5061)