Voicemail (Standard Phone)

When you can't take a call, Westnet voicemail is the easy way to answer. Use it when you are away from your phone, on another call, when you have dialled up the internet or simply can't answer. Callers can hear your personal greeting and leave a message, which you can retrieve and answer when it suits you.

To activate this service, call Westnet Accounts on 1300 786 068 or log into MyAccount.

It's easy to use

Follow the steps below and enjoy the benefits of Westnet Voicemail. The steps explain how to:

  • Identify if you have a message
  • Access to Westnet Voicemail
  • Access to your Westnets Voicemail account using another phone
  • Set up your Westnet Voicemail

The first time you call your Westnet Voicemail, an introductory tutorial will take you through recording your personal greeting step-by-step. Voice prompts will guide you along the way. Note that the first time you are asked to enter your PIN, dial the last six digits of your phone number (this is your temporary PIN) then press .

If you use Dialup to access the internet from the same phone line as your Westnet Voicemail, we recommend that you clear any new messages before logging in, as your modem may have difficulty dialling the internet if a special dial tone is present.

How do I access my Voicemail?

From the phone your Voicemail is connected to:

When prompted enter your pin then press:

From other phones in Australia (Telstra fixed2 or mobile3 services within Australia): Please note your mailbox number is your phone number including area code.

When prompted enter your mailbox number then press:

From services connected with PABX's or other carriers: Call 1800 135 102

From phone services in other countries: Call +61 418 707 1023 or your Telstra Telecard access number and PIN followed by 125 102 (then as above).

How do I know I have a message?

You will know you have new messages when you hear a special dial tone when you pick up your telephone.

How do I listen to my messages?

Voicemail messages play automatically, after listening to a message:

Press to replay message

Press to directly call back the person who left the message

Press to delete and go to the next message

Once you have selected an option, Voicemail will move on to the next message.

Voicemail automatically stores all new messages for 14 days. Once played, messages are kept for 7 days unless you delete them. Voicemail allows 60 messages of up to 5 minutes in length to be stored at any one time.

Voicemail shortcuts

When listening to your messages:

Press to Replay message

Press to Go Back message

Press to Go Forward message

Press to Fast Forward to the end of the message

Press to Skip to the next message

Press to Pause a message while it is playing

Press to Resume again

At any time:

Press to Replay message

Press to Go Back message

Press to Go Forward message

If a caller hangs up immediately after your personal greeting tone is heard, you will be notified of their number (if it is not a blocked or silent number). You need to turn this feature on via the Main Menu.

Press for Main Menu

Press for Mailbox set up

Press for Mailbox options

Press for Hang Up Messages, then choose ON

Changing the number of rings before Voicemail answers

By default, the phone will ring for approximately 20 seconds before Voicemail takes the call. To change the number of rings, simply pick up the handset, press:

Enter the number of seconds you'd like the phone to ring before answering (must be between 5 and 60 seconds), then press: