Multiple Number (Standard Phone)

Multiple number allows you to have a second phone number assigned to your existing phone line. This will give your phone line two phone numbers, each with its own different ring tone.

This can help Westnet Phone customers who wish to have one phone number for business calls and another number for personal calls.

To activate this service, call Westnet on 13 19 60 or log into MyAccount.

If you wish to charge calls to your second phone number

If you wish to use Call Return, Call Forwarding or Call Control on your second number

Simply enter the prefix first

For example, for Call Return:

Additional Information

Multiple number requires a tone phone which has distinctive ring capability. You can access your Call Forwarding and Call Control on your second number via Remote Access.

Call Waiting and Call Back will still work on your phone line if you have Multiple Number. Calling Number Display will work but you will not be able to identify which of your two numbers the call was for.