Dual Phone and Fax Line (Standard Phone)

Add another number to your existing phone line for faxes without having to install a second line.

To activate this service, call Westnet on 13 19 60 or log into MyAccount.

Receiving calls

An incoming fax is recognised by your fax machine or PC Fax/Modem and answered. Calls to your phone number will continue to ring as normal. Your phone/fax will recognise the type of incoming call and will forward it to your fax or telephone depending on the type of call.

Sending calls

With Westnet Phone, you can send you faxes as normal or you can have a fax call itemised on your bill. For instructions on doing this, please see below:

If you would like the receiver to see your second fax number on the fax message instead of your normal phone number, refer to fax user manual for instructions on how to change the number in your fax memory. Standard call charges apply.

Sending a fax overseas

Send a fax overseas with Westnet Phone. Simply see below for instructions on how to send a fax to an international destination:

International Fax Calls are charged at the same rate as your international phone calls.

Call Waiting

If you have call waiting connected to your line and wish to send a fax you can temporarily deactivate call waiting and prevent your fax from being disrupted by call waiting tones. Please see below for instructions:

Call Forward

Incoming phone calls can be diverted independently of incoming fax calls. To set these features on the Dual number, please see instructions below:

Then enter the normal command sequences for those features (consult your Call Forward User Guide for instructions).

Additional Information

Setting Up

Not all fax machines/modems have the capability to perform the functions listed above. Please read the user manual or contact your phone/fax manufacturer if you are having difficulty using or activating any of the functions. In most cases, the fax must be set to both 'distinctive ring' and 'manual/telephone' mode.

Answering Machines

If you answering machine answers fax calls, you may need to alter the number of preset answering rings on your answering machine. Please refer to your answering machine instruction manual for assistance or consult the manufacturer.

Busy Numbers

While your fax is trying to send a message, you are not able to use the phone or receive faxes. With your Dual Fax Service, you can now Call Forward Busy your phone number independently of your Dual Fax number (see above). Likewise, if you're on the phone, your fax will be unable to receive calls.

If you require further information on any of these services or functions please call Westnet Phone on 13 19 60.