Call Control (Standard Phone)

If you want to control your phone costs, use Call Control.

Call Control will allow you to bar specific outgoing call types such as STD and international calls. You can use a number of different call barring options to suit your phone needs.

To activate this service, call Westnet on 13 19 60 or log into MyAccount.

To turn Call Control on

To turn Call Control off

To check if Call Control is on or off

Additional Information

Please note that adding Call Control to your line will not immediately bar calls to particular destinations, the feature must be set up and Call Control must be activated for the barring to take effect.

Call Westnet on 13 19 60 to discuss the level of Call Control you require - once the level is set in place, you may use the instructions to turn Call Control on or off.

Click here for details on your PIN number.