Call Back (Standard Phone)

Don't waste your time trying to call time and time again if the number you're trying to reach is busy. Call Back will alert you when the number you want to call is free.

To arrange for a Call Back

Your phone will ring to let you know if the phone number you tried to call becomes available and will automatically redial the number for you.

To cancel a Call Back

Telstra Touchfone 400

If you have a Telstra Touchfone 400 phone with feature buttons, follow the instructions below:

To arrange for a Call Back:

To cancel a Call Back:

To find out if you have a Call Back arranged

Additional Information

Call Back automatically attempts to reach the number that was engaged for a period of 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, it will cease trying to reach the engaged number.

Call Back will not work for all numbers - certain business numbers, international numbers, operator assisted services and phone numbers on other phone carriers.

To use Call Back, you need a tone phone (preferably with distinctive ring capability).

You can use Call Back for a maximum of five numbers at any one time.