Abbreviated Dialling (Standard Phone)

Store your most frequently dialled numbers in your phone memory. Depending on your choice of monthly charge, you can store up to 8, 40 or 60 numbers. These numbers can also include national and international long distance numbers.

To activate this service, call Westnet on 13 19 60 or log into MyAccount.

Abbreviated Dialling - 8 Number Memory
Eight stored numbers can be accessed by pressing a single digit code. You can store your frequently dialled numbers from 2 through to 9.

Abbreviated Dialling - 40 or 60 Number Memory
For more than eight numbers, a two digit code must be used. You can store your frequently dialled numbers from 20 through to 59 or 79.

To call a number stored in exchange memory

To store or alter a number in exchange memory

To cancel a stored number in exchange memory

Additional Information

Abbreviated Dialling overrides Call Control (i.e. Call Control applies when storing the destination, but not when making calls using Abbreviated Dialling).

"1" cannot be used as a single digit code for a stored number.