How to retrieve a forgotten password

  1. Go to to access our password recovery tool.
  2. Enter your Username, Date of Birth and the Mobile Number listed on your Westnet account.
  3. Select Recover Password to receive a password recovery SMS.
    Password recovery 1
  4. If you don't know or have a mobile number listed on your Westnet account, select Don't know this mobile number?
    Password recovery - forgot mobile number
  5. Enter your Username and Date of Birth, then select either I pay by credit card OR I pay by direct debit.
    - For "I pay by credit card", enter the Partial Credit Card Number and Card Expiry for the credit card linked to your Westnet account.
    - For "I pay by direct debit", enter the Account Number and BSB for the bank account linked to your Westnet account.
  6. Select Recover Password to receive a password recovery email.
    Password recovery 2
  7. If you're unable to recover your password using the password retrieval tool, please call us on 1300 786 068. A friendly customer service rep can get you back on track with the correct details and you can write them down for future reference.


What happens if I exceed the limit of unsuccessful attempts to retrieve my forgotten password?

If you exceed the limit of unsuccessful attempts, you’ll be barred from using the password retrieval tool for that username (or for any username on that specific computer) for 24 hours. If this happens to you, please give us a call on 1300 786 068 to retrieve your password.


Why does it say I've exceeded the limit of unsuccessful attempts when I haven't even used it yet?

For security reasons, we must limit the number of password retrieval attempts by username as well as by the specific computer being used to retrieve it.

If you are using a work computer or non-Westnet internet connection, you may be behind a firewall. That means our system can mistake your computer for another computer that is also behind the same firewall. It doesn't mean that someone has retrieved your password, but unfortunately it does mean that you can't use the retrieval service from that computer until later.