Setting up Dialup in Windows XP

This article will show you how to set up a dialup connection on Windows XP.

  1. Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Control Panel may open in "Category View" (illustrated below) or "Classic View".

    - If it opens in Classic View, skip to step 4.
    - If it opens in Category View (below), select Network and Internet Connections.


  3. Select Network Connections.

  4. This will open the Network Connections Control Panel. In the Network Tasks column, click Create a New Connection.

    Note: If Network Tasks is not available, select File from the top left-hand corner of the window and click Create a New Connection.


  5. The New Connection Wizard will open. Click Next.
  6. Make sure Connect to the Internet is selected and then click Next.

  7. Select Set up my connection manually and then click Next.
  8. Make sure that Connect using a dial-up modem is selected and then click Next.
  9. Enter the name "Westnet" and click Next. This will create a label for your connection, when you view Network Connections.
  10. For Phone Number to Dial, enter 0198333955. Click Next.

  11. Enter the following details:

    Username: Enter your Westnet username (e.g.
    Password: Enter your Westnet password
    Confirm password: Enter your Westnet password again

  12. Tick the box labelled Make this the default Internet connection and then click Next.

  13. We recommend that you select Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop. This will create a "Shortcut to Westnet" icon on your desktop that you can easily double-click to get online.
  14. Click Finish. To connect to the Internet, double-click the "Westnet" icon on your desktop or on the Network Connections Control Panel.