Using Budii Lite or Budii with 3G Mobile Broadband

This article will explain how to use Budii Lite® or Budii® as a router for a 3G Mobile Broadband service with a USB modem (dongle). This is useful if you have downtime on your ADSL or fibre internet and want to take care of some emails or basic browsing. Mobile Broadband is not recommended for large downloads or intensive use (e.g. online gaming, HD video).

All mobile broadband data used through Budii Lite or Budii will count towards the monthly quota for your mobile broadband plan. You should keep an eye on your data usage in MyAccount.

Please note: 4G Mobile Broadband services are not supported by Budii Lite.

Setting up Budii Lite or Budii as a 3G Router

  1. To complete this setup, you’ll need a 3G USB modem (dongle) and a SIM card with an active 3G Mobile Broadband service.
  2. Plug your 3G dongle into either of the Storage/MBB ports on the back of Budii Lite (shown below) or Budii.

  3. On a computer or device that is connected to Budii Lite (via Ethernet or WiFi), open your web browser and go to
  4. Log in with the default password admin. If you have changed your password from the default, log in with your custom password instead.
  5. Select 4. Configure my USB port from the top menu bar.
  6. Select your provider from the Choose your Mobile Broadband Provider drop-down menu.

  7. Select either Connect all the time or Connect when ADSL Internet Connection Down.

    If you ever want to disable your Budii Lite/Budii from using the 3G, you can select Turn mobile broadband adaptor off.

  8. Leave the Service Number text box blank.
  9. Enter the Network APN for your Mobile Broadband provider. For Westnet 3G Mobile Broadband, the APN is “555a1”.

  10. If you have a Westnet Mobile Broadband service, you should be able to leave the Mobile broadband username and Mobile Broadband password text boxes blank.
  11. If you have a different mobile broadband provider, enter your mobile broadband username and password in the text boxes.
  12. Enter the SIM PIN code. The default PIN should be 0000. If you have changed your PIN from the default, enter your custom PIN instead.
  13. Click Pin Code and enter your SIM PIN code again to confirm it.

  14. Click the Save Settings button in the upper right-hand corner of the page to finish.