New Features in Hosted Exchange 2013


Exchange 2013 brings with it some exciting new changes. Though the majority of the changes are under the hood (better performance and reliability), Outlook Web Access has undergone a major facelift. 

Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access has undergone some radical design changes with the aim of aligning the user experience across all devices (mobile, tablets and desktop).

Offline mode

Exchange now supports offline mode which means you can compose your emails and use OWA even when you do not have an internet connection. 

A "new mail" button

In the old version of the Outlook Web App users had to click a "New" button to compose an email which was not intuitive.

In the new Web app there is a obvious 'new mail' button located in a prominent position.

Inline Compose

Users can now compose new messages "in line" without having to open a new window. Clicking on the expand button on the top right will open the compose window in a new window.

Multiple calendars will be "overlayed" rather than "side by side"

Users with more than one calendar can have the choice of presenting it side by side or 'overlayed'.

Easily Connect Outlook to LinkedIN contacts   

With Apps in Outlook Web App, users can link their Exchange account with LinkedIN thereby giving them a more detailed view of their contacts.

Better support on Mobile and Tablet Devices

Using Outlook Web Access on mobile devices now delivers the same user experience.

Picture preview

When an email contains multiple pictures customers will be able to see a thumbnail of the pictures as well as a large preview of the picture without having to open or save the picture first.

Preview calendar items

Users will be able to get a preview of the calendar item and action it (accept or decline meeting invites, edit details) simply by clicking the calendar item.

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