How to unsuspend Westnet services

Westnet services are typically only suspended in the following circumstances:

For more information, see Consequences of Restriction, Suspension or Disconnection.


How to unsuspend your Westnet services (Overdue invoices)

  1. Check your email and/or mobile phone for any email or SMS notifications from us.
    If your Westnet invoice isn't paid by the due date, you'll receive an email/SMS notification advising the earliest possible date your services may be suspended, BEFORE suspension occurs. Suspension can be prevented entirely by paying the amount owing before the advised suspension date.
  2. If your Westnet invoice remains unpaid and your Westnet services are suspended, all you need to do is pay the amount owing. You can do this by:

    - Making a payment in MyAccount; or
    - Calling us on 1300 786 068 to make a secure credit card payment over the phone; or
    - Using any of the alternative payment methods listed on your invoice.

  3. Once your payment has cleared, your Westnet services should automatically unsuspend within one business day.

If you are experiencing difficulties making this payment, then please see our Financial Hardship Policy for information about your options and how to speak to someone about your circumstances.


How to unsuspend your Westnet services (Security incident)

  1. Check your email and/or mobile phone for any email or SMS notifications from us.
    Due to the unpredictable nature of security incidents, you'll be notified AFTER your services have been suspended. We may also attempt to contact you by phone using the contact details listed on your account.
  2. The notification you receive will explain the nature of the security incident and outline what needs to be done in order to resecure your account. In general, this will include:

    - Changing your Westnet account password(s)
    - Running antivirus and malware scans
    - Ensuring you are using secure passwords for your home network (i.e. WiFi and router access, particularly if a remote management feature is in use)

  3. Once we've spoken to you to verify your identity and ensure that measures have been taken to resecure your account, your Westnet services may be unsuspended.

For more advice about how to stay safe online, including examples of scam emails, see our article about Scam emails and phishing.