Homepages at Westnet

How do I make my personal website?

We've got a handy guide that should help beginners with the basics and also give advanced users the basic info they need to get started.

How much content can I put on my website?

All free web spaces for our customers are limited to 1GB. If you need more space, you may want to consider the web hosting plans available from our parent company, iiNet.

What is my web address? Can I make my own?

When your web pages are uploaded, your web address varies according to your username and internet service provider. This is a standard form of web address for all of our free web spaces. If you'd like your own web domain, please consider our parent company, iiNet's domain hosting options.

What type of server runs Westnet homepages?

Westnet uses Apache to serve its homepages. This is a Unix-based server.

How do I set which file is my homepage?

The page which will appear as your homepage should be stored as index.html in your top directory. Note that all HTML files you place in Westnet's server should have an extension of .html. All scripted pages should have their appropriate extension.

Do you support Microsoft Frontpage Extensions?

No. The Westnet servers do not support Microsoft Frontpage Extensions.

What server-side scripting options does Westnet have?

  • Perl 5.8 (for CGI scripting). File extension is .cgi or .pl
  • PHP 4.3.10 (For standalone PHP scripts). File extension is .php
  • SSI. File extension is .shtml

Does Westnet provide database facilities?

No. Westnet does not provide any of the following:

  • MySQL or any other kind of SQL database
  • Microsoft Access databases

Once I have created my page, how do I get it on to search engines?

To add your site to search engines, a different process is involved for each service. Web search engines such as Google and Yahoo! regularly contact our site for new pages, and they will get automatically added. However, if you want to add your pages straight away, try making an AddMe submission.