Galaxy Tab 2 and Camera FAQs

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No - when you purchase a Galaxy Tab 2 or Camera with a Westnet Mobile Broadband service, you will not be charged any postage or handling fees.

A 4G provisioned Mobile Broadband service can be used inside a Galaxy Camera or Tab 2, but it will only connect to the 3G network. This is because the Tab 2 and Camera have inbuilt 3G receivers, but cannot connect to the 4G network. It is also worth mentioning that customers do not have the option of a repayment plan when selecting their device with a 4G service.

The Galaxy Tab 2 uses a standard sized SIM card and will be supplied with the correct size SIM. The Galaxy Camera uses a micro SIM card and will be provided with a "Dual-Cut" SIM card that is suitable for use in the Galaxy Camera.

Both devices can handle a microSD card up to 32GB in capacity. Samsung recommend the use of microSDHC cards as they are a newer standard with potentially faster writing speeds. When recording high definition video with the Galaxy Camera to the memory card, you are required to use a microSDHC card.

Both devices come with a 24 month manufacturer warranty through Samsung. We have partnered with Samsung to ensure that you will have a positive customer experience. If you're having trouble with your Galaxy device, Westnet and Samsung offer customer assistance.

This is very rare, and we have experienced an extremely low rate of Samsung devices that do not operate correctly upon arrival. Westnet has a specific policy and process to ensure customers are satisfied in the event of a dead on arrival device. Please contact Westnet Support, and after a few short questions, we will dispatch a replacement device to you. With your replacement device, you will receive a return bag to return the faulty hardware. More detail and specific information will be provided by Westnet Support.

The 10-day grace period applies to your Mobile Broadband service, and not your Galaxy Tab 2 or Camera. To be eligible for a grace period return, you must provide a valid address at which you plan to use the service and have verified that the address is serviceable using the coverage checker on our website. If the speed and signal quality does not meet the minimum standards set out by Westnet, you may be eligible to cancel your Mobile Broadband plan without penalty. Please note that you will be required to pay any outstanding amount owing on your Galaxy Tab 2 or Camera if you cancel your Mobile Broadband service.

The Galaxy Tab 2 and Camera must be sold with a new Mobile Broadband service. This means that existing Mobile Broadband customers who want only one Mobile Broadband service and a Tab 2 or Camera must cancel their existing service and purchase a new one with their device. Please note that if you are currently in a contract, Contract Break Fees will apply for cancelling your existing service. To avoid any downtime you have the option of cancelling your existing service after receiving and setting up your new service and Galaxy Tab 2 or Camera.

No - Westnet supply these pieces of hardware bundled together with a Mobile Broadband service.

Westnet utilise the Optus Dual Band 3G and the Optus 4G Mobile Network. It delivers 3G access to 96% of the population in Australia using the 900/2100 Mhz network bands. The Westnet 4G service is currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Newcastle with more areas coming on soon.

Yes - customer service, technical support and billing will be provided by Westnet. Optus is the network provider that allows Westnet to sell you a Mobile Broadband service.

Coverage maps are available on our website. When using the coverage maps, select the type of network that you would like to check for. The 4G network is only available in selected metropolitan areas at this point in time. All Westnet 3G Mobile Broadband devices are capable of connecting to the "3G Dual Band Network". When using the maps, you can browse areas by using the map, or look for a specific address by using the "Please enter address here..." field in the top right corner of the map.

The coverage maps are updated directly from Optus, and represent the areas of Australia covered by their Mobile Broadband networks. While the coverage maps are updated regularly and are accurate, it is worth remembering that many variables can affect the performance of Mobile Broadband. The number of users, distance to mobile phone towers, the construction of the building you are in and the buildings around you, and other factors can affect the speed of your Internet connection.

At the moment, the Optus 3G network covers 96% of the population in Australia. There are plans within Optus to continually upgrade sites to also be 4G compatible.

The network is constantly being monitored and upgraded to ensure the best experience for customers.

There are several factors which could affect the speed/quality of the signal, including:

  • Distance from the nearest mobile phone tower,
  • The number of people using the mobile network in the area,
  • The type of building mobile broadband is used in,
  • The location of the USB modem,
  • Surrounding buildings which could be interfering with mobile signals

Downloading will be fast. It may, however, not be as fast as a standard ADSL or ADSL 2+ service connected to the fixed line network. If you require high speeds, big download quotas or a service which is up most of the time, mobile broadband may not be for you. That's not to say mobile broadband isn't reliable, but remember, there are many factors which can affect the signal strength and therefore performance of your mobile broadband service.

There are no roaming charges with Westnet Mobile Broadband.

No, international roaming is not available with Westnet Mobile Broadband. The devices however are 'unlocked' and if a foreign country uses the same mobile network technology as Optus, the Westnet Mobile Broadband device may be able to be used outside of Australia with a foreign SIM card.

Yes. If you are not happy with the speed or coverage at your primary residence you may be eligible for a grace period return. Contact Westnet on 1300 855 006 for more information.

Of course! Customers who bundle other products with their mobile broadband will receive a discount on their monthly plan.

Yes. Depending on your current provider, we may need to provide you with a new modem, but you can certainly join us.

Certainly, Toolbox will have all of the information about your usage and plan allowances.

Will 'shaping' be available with the service?

No, once the quota is exceeded your service will remain at normal speeds and excess charges will begin.

Excess usage is charged at 5c per MB on 3G mobile broadband plans, with no shaping option.

All Westnet internet services are eligible to receive one primary email address plus up to nine (9) additional email addresses free of charge. Please note: existing Westnet internet members who sign up to Westnet Mobile Broadband on their existing internet account will not receive any additional email addresses.

3G Business customers are able to purchase a static IP. Head to our Business site for more information.  Static IP addresses are not available for 4G plans at this stage.

Currently Mobile Broadband services are not eligible for un-metered content in the Westnet Freezone. We are looking for ways to provide even more value and content to our Mobile Broadband customers in the future, so stay tuned!

Bills are available electronically from Toolbox and are also emailed to customers. Your invoice will contain charges for all of your Westnet services.

Yes - access to Dialup will be available as a backup.