Fibre Phone FAQ

NBN™ Fibre Phone is only available to select NBN™ FTTP customers as of 23 August 2017.


Is Fibre Phone a Home Phone (PSTN) equivalent service?

Fibre Phone is not a Home Phone (PSTN) equivalent service. It can be more likened to an "enhanced Netphone" service.


Are you eligible for the Customer Service Guarantee in the event of Fibre Phone delays/faults?

No. In order to subscribe to Fibre Phone you must agree to waive your rights under the Customer Service Guarantee.


What are the call rates on Fibre Phone?

Please refer to the Critical Information Summary for your Fibre Phone plan.


Can I use my existing phone handsets with Fibre Phone?

Yes, although there are some exceptions in very old phone handsets (rotary dial).


Can I use my existing phone sockets to connect handsets to Fibre Phone?

Yes, Fibre Phone uses the same standard phone sockets (RJ-11) to connect handsets, however you will need to organise the rewiring of their internal phone wiring to the UNI-V phone port on the NBN™ Connection Box. If this is not done, you will not receive dial tone on any internal sockets besides the UNI-V phone port. As an alternative to having your house re-wired by an electrician - you may be happy with a cordless phone being plugged into the NBN™ Connection Box.


If I change my mind after cancel my existing fixed phone line, can Westnet provision a new one?

No, in NBN™ ready-for-service areas, copper services will not be able to be reprovisioned. Telstra typically cease sales copper services in NBN™ Fibre areas.


I have a VoIP service with Westnet already, can I keep this number when I move to Fibre Phone?

At this point in time, we are unable to move Westnet numbers to a Fibre Phone product. We may be able to port across other carrier numbers to Fibre Phone, please give us a call and we can look into keeping your existing number with Fibre Phone on the NBN™.


How many phone handsets can I plug into the same Fibre Phone line in my house?

Fibre Phone is designed to have up to three handsets plugged into the same line using internal sockets in the house. Any more would demand too much voltage and may prevent your service from getting a dial tone.


If I relocate my Fibre Phone service, can I keep my phone number?

Currently Westnet Fibre Phone numbers will only work at the address they’re initially supplied to. If you move house, unfortunately you won’t be able to keep your Fibre Phone number.