Fetch Retail FAQs


This article will answer some frequently asked questions about the differences between Fetch TV with Westnet (a service bought specifically through Westnet) and Fetch TV Retail, where the set top box is purchased from an electronics store and then the subscription is bought directly from Fetch TV.

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  1. Anyone can purchase a set top box from a retailer (e.g. Harvey Norman).
  2. The customer takes the set top box home and sets it up as usual (works on any broadband connection with a download speed of 3Mbps or more).
  3. They then go to fetchtv.com.au/activate to subscribe directly with Fetch TV for their choice of starter, entertainment and world channel packs (paid monthly, via credit card).
  4. Customers will then receive their activation code (the box will not work without an activation code).
  5. All data used by Fetch TV retail customers will be metered by every ISP - this includes Westnet customers.

There are a number of differences between the Fetch TV set top box you can purchase through Westnet and the one you can purchase in store at a number of locations across Australia. These differences include pricing, and content offered each month. Have a look at our comparison table for further details:

  Fetch TV Retail Fetch TV with Westnet
Set top box cost $379RRP including PLA $299 purchase, rental options available
Power Line Adapter purchase - $59
Base Starter Pack $5 per month, includes 30 free Movie Box items $5, no Movie Box
Entertainment Plus Pack $15 per month $19.95 per month, includes Movie Box and ESPN, EPSN2, CCTV News, NDTV 24x7 TV and audio channels
Additional Packs All foreign language packs available In addition to all the foreign language packs, Setanta and Ovation packs are also available
Additional Apps - Access to media content on your network though Media Hub, and a range of iiNet Group Apps
Quota Usage Data used for watching subscription channels and movie downloads will count towards your quota with your ISP Data used for watching subscription channels and movie downloads does not count towards your monthly quota
Returns for faulty hardware Must be returned to the place of purchase with your proof of purchase Handled through Westnet
Payment methods Monthly charges, subscription fees and movie rentals are billed from your credit card. Movies are billed at the time of rental Monthly charges, subscriptions fees and movie rentals are added to your monthly broadband invoice


There sure are! For starters, Westnet customers don’t have to purchase their set top box outright, as the option is there to rent the set top box instead for a low fee each month. You’ll also have the full power of our Support Team behind you.

Another advantage is that all subscription TV channel, movie or TV on demand viewing is quota free, meaning you won’t chew through your monthly quota each time you sit down to watch a movie.

Your Fetch TV with Westnet fees are also added to your monthly broadband invoice, so you don't have to deal with multiple payments.

Your first step is to head to the Fetch TV website and sign up for a Fetch TV service. This service is separate to the plans you can sign up to from iiNet and as such, the use of your Fetch TV service will count towards your monthly quota. Only Fetch TV services supplied by Westnet are quota free.

You will be billed each month by Fetch TV for your service and any movies or additional subscriptions. Support for your Fetch TV service will be handled directly by Fetch TV. More information is available at the Fetch TV website.

Not at this stage. You must sign up for a Fetch TV service. We plan to allow Westnet broadband customers who have purchased a Fetch TV Retail to sign up for Fetch TV with Westnet service in the future, however we don’t have a date as to when this will be available. 

Not at the moment. We plan to make this option available to customers in the future, however there are no confirmed dates as to when this will be available.

Similar to a Fetch TV with Westnet service, we recommend at least 3Mbps to maintain a Fetch TV Retail service.

You can use this simple tool for an indication on whether or not your service is capable of supporting the Entertainment Plus subscription pack.

Even if your connection speed is less than 3Mbps, you can still use the Fetch TV set top box to record, series tag and playback your favourite shows on any of the Free to Air channels which are delivered by your television antenna. The Pay-Per-View movie options are also still available to you, however they will take longer to download before you can start watching.

You can also add any subscription packs, however you may have a degraded experience while you watch these channels due to the overall connection speed, and this will possibly affect your general internet usage.

All subscription channels and movies are delivered by Fetch TV directly and not by Westnet. This means that the download will count to your monthly internet quota.

As a general rule, customers with the Entertainment Plus subscription pack will use an average of 80-100GB of data per month on their Fetch TV service. This includes Video on Demand and subscription channel views.

A standard-definition movie is 2GB on average and on average, a high-definition movie is 4.5 GB. The amount of data you use relates to how much content you watch. Movies, subscription channels and video on demand will use more data and count to your quota than watching the free to air channels and free to air recordings.

Yes, however that additional set top box would need to be signed up for Fetch TV Retail and cannot be linked to your existing Fetch TV with Westnet service.

The ability to add multiple set top boxes to Fetch TV with Westnet is a popular request, and we're working towards making this available. Currently we don't have a date when this will be available.

Please also be aware that having an additional set top box will increase your general household internet usage. It is strongly recommended that you have a minimum internet connection speed of >6Mbps if you wish to have 2 set top boxes.