Enabling bandwidth control on third party modems for NBN

Without bandwidth control, your modem/router may attempt to upload faster than the speed of your NBN™ plan, which will result in your connection dropping out as NBN™ will start discarding information sent across the connection.

All modems supplied by Westnet take care of this setting automatically to ensure you have the fastest and most stable connection possible.

Note: If you have any trouble following this guide, please run a Google search or visit your modem/router manufacturer's website for support information.


  1. On a device that's connected to your modem, open your web browser and go to your modem's default gateway. Some of the most common addresses are, and
    If these don't work for you, check the modem manufacturer's website for support information. Alternatively, if you have a desktop PC or Mac you can follow the advice in this article to find the gateway address.
  2. You'll see a login page. If there's a username field, the default username will almost always be admin (it may even already be filled in). The default password is typically admin or password.
    If you can't log in with these settings, check the manufacturer's website for the default login settings. If the modem is secondhand or you've used it previously, it may already have custom login details set. As a last resort, you can factory reset the modem to return it to the default settings.
  3. The setting you need to find is most likely in an Advanced section. If you see any option for advanced settings or to switch to an advanced view, select it.
  4. Locate the bandwidth control setting. This is commonly labelled QoS or Bandwidth/Traffic control.
  5. Ensure that upstream bandwidth/QoS is enabled and set the bandwidth maximum according to your NBN plan as listed below.

    - If you have an NBN12 plan, enter a maximum of 950kbps
    - If you have an NBN25 plan, enter a maximum of 4950kbps
    - If you have an NBN50 plan, enter a maximum of 19500kbps
    - If you have an NBN100 plan, enter a maximum of 19500kbps*
    If you have an NBN250 plan, enter a maximum of 24500kbps
    If you have an NBN Ultrafast plan, enter a maximum of 49500kbps

    *Note: Some legacy NBN100 plans may require a maximum of 39500kbps instead.

  6. Save your changes to finish. An example for a Netgear modem is shown below.
      Netgear bandwidth control example