BoB2 Answering Machine Guide

This article will show you how to use BoB2's built-in answering machine.

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  • The answering machine can handle both Netphone (VoIP) and Home Phone (PSTN) calls. 
  • The machine can store 10 minutes of voice recordings.
  • The recorded messages are kept in the event of a power outage.
  • The control buttons use a touch interface, which means there are no button clicks (similiar to a touch-screen mobile phone). 


When tapped, the icons will illuminate.


  • An incoming phone call will attempt to ring several times.
  • If unanswered, the caller will hear "Hello, your call cannot be taken at this moment, so please leave a message after the tone". This automated message cannot be customised.
  • The red LED display will flash with the number of messages left on the machine.
  • Press the "play" button to hear the messages on the answering machine.
  • Any messages left will play back with the time and date of the missed call. 
  • To adjust the volume of the playback, use the volume control keys to increase or decrease volume (between Level 1 - Level 8. Shown as L4 or L6).


On:  Answering machine is on. Calls will be answered by machine if not answered up by user. 
Off:  Answering machine is off.  Calls will not be handled by answering machine. 
An:  Machine is currently recording a message. 
Pause:  Playback of a message has been paused. 



  • To delete a single message, press the delete key (the circled 'X') during playback of the message.
  • To delete all played messages, press the ALT key and delete key at the same time. A messsage will then ask to "press OK to confirm deletion", the "OK" button is the play/pause button. This will not delete any unplayed messages.
  • If you want to delete all messages without playing them, you can do this in the BoB2 modem settings.


You can browse to BoB2 Web Gateway to adjust your answering machine settings and see stored messages, including:

  • Enable or disable Answering Machine function
  • Change length of time to ring before answering machine handles call (maximum 45 seconds)
  • Set maximum message length
  • Change number of messages to be stored (maximum 30)
  • Viewing and listening to saved messages (please note, message are played via the answering machine's speaker, not via the computer browsing the web interface)
  • Delete or lock saved messages


  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Log in with the default password admin. If you have chanegd the password from the default, use your custom password instead.
  3. Select the 3. Set up my Voip tab from the top menu bar.
  4. Select 10. Answering Machine from the left-hand column to view the answering machine settings.