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Mozilla Thunderbird - Installation and Setup

Mozilla Thunderbird is an alternate email client that can be used in place of other email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. You can download a copy of Mozilla Thunderbird for free from this page. This guide covers the following information:

  1. Installation
  2. Importing Settings
  3. Initial Setup
  4. Adding Additional Email Accounts
  5. Removing Email Accounts



  • When the Mozilla Thunderbird installation is run, the Welcome screen will be displayed. Click Next to start the installation
  • Confirm your acceptance of the licence agreement and then click Next

Fig. 1 - Welcome

Fig. 2 - Licence Agreement


  • Select the Standard setup option and click Next
  • You will now be advised of the components that are to be installed. Click Next to continue

Fig. 3 - Installation Options

Fig. 4 - Component List

  • Once the installation process is complete, you will have the option to launch Mozilla Thunderbird. Make sure this option is ticked, and click Finish

Fig. 5 - Installation Progress

Fig. 6 - Installation Complete

Importing Settings

  • When Mozilla Thunderbird is first run, you will be given the option of importing your settings from another mail client. Select the option relevant to you (depending on whether you wish to import your settings) and click Next
  • If you choose to import your settings from another mail client, a progress meter will be displayed. Once this process is complete, Mozilla Thunderbird will be ready to use

Fig. 7 - Import Options

Fig. 8 - Import Progress

Initial Setup

  • Once you have chosen whether to import your settings from another mail client, you will be asked to set up an account. Select "Email account" and click Next

Fig. 9 - New Account Setup

Fig. 10 - Identity Settings

  • You will now be asked to set up your identity. The "Your Name" field can be anything you choose, and will be displayed at the recipient's end. In this example, we have used Thunderbird Test Account, which will mean the recipient of each email will see it has been sent from "Thunderbird Test Account". The "Email Address" field will need to be filled in using the email address you are currently setting up


  • The next step will ask you to enter information regarding the incoming and outgoing mail servers. These settings are outlined below:

Fig. 11 - Server Information

Fig. 12 - Incoming Username

    • POP/IMAP: Information regarding the difference between these two protocols can be found at this MyHelp article
    • Incoming Server: This will need to be set to
    • Outgoing Server: If you are connected to the internet via a Westnet connection, this will need to be set to If you are connecting to the internet via another provider, you will need to use the outgoing mail server given to you by that provider. If you are unsure of this setting, you will need to obtain this information from the provider you are connected to
    • Use Global Inbox (store mail in Local Folders): If you are setting up more than one email account, Local Folders allow you to store all your incoming email in one folder. If you would prefer to seperate your email accounts, simply remove the tick from this option
  • Once you have entered these details, click Next to proceed
  • You will now need to enter the incoming username for your email account. Please note, this is not your main Westnet username, but simply the first part of your email address, prior to the @ symbol. In this example, the email address we are using is so the incoming username will be mozilla.thunderbird. This should already be entered for you, so no changes should be required


  • After clicking Next, you will need to enter a name for your email account. You can use any name you like to identify this email account. The default

Fig. 13 - Account Name

Fig. 14 - Summary

  • setting is identical to the email address you have been setting up.
  • Click Next to proceed
  • The final step is simply a confirmation of all the settings you have entered. If this information all appears to be correct, click Finish to start downloading any new email you have received (you will be prompted for your password at this point)



Adding Additional Email Accounts

  • To add another email account to Mozilla Thunderbird, click Tools (located at the top of the Mozilla Thunderbird window) and then select Account Settings

Fig. 15 - Password Prompt

Fig. 16 - Account Settings

Fig. 17 - Add Account


  • Click Add Account at the bottom left-hand side of this window
  • From this point on, the steps to add an email address to Mozilla Thunderbird are identical to the steps above, in the Initial Setup section. Please follow these steps to add an email address to Mozilla Thunderbird


Removing Email Accounts

  • To remove an email account from Mozilla Thunderbird, click Tools (located at the top of the Mozilla Thunderbird window) and then select Account Settings

Fig. 18 - Account Settings

Fig. 19 - Remove Account


  • Select the email account you wish to remove from the list on the left-hand side, and click Remove Account at the bottom left-hand side of this window


  • You will be asked to confirm the removal of this email account. Click OK to proceed


Fig. 20 - Removal Confirmation


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