Email Setup in Thunderbird

This article will show you how to manually set up an account for your Westnet email address in Thunderbird.


  1. If you have another email account, send a test email to the email address you're setting up. Alternatively, ask a friend or family member to send you an email.
  2. Open Thunderbird and click the button with three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of the window. Click on the arrow next to the New Message tab, and then select Existing Mail Account.

  3. Enter the details as follows and then click Continue.
    Your name: Your name as you'd like it to appear on any emails you send
    Email address: Your Westnet email address
    Password: Your Westnet email address password
    Remember password: Tick box


  4. Thunderbird will automatically look up some server details. Ignore the results and click Manual config instead.


  5. Enter the following settings:
    Incoming: IMAP (recommended if you access your emails from multiple computers/devices) or POP3
    Incoming server hostname:
    Incoming port: 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP3)
    Authentication: Normal password
    Outgoing server hostname:
    Outgoing port: 587
    Authentication: Normal password

    Username: For both Incoming and Outgoing, enter the first part of your email address without the the "" part.


  6. Click Done to finish. If this button is greyed out, you'll need to click Re-test first. If this test returns the error "Thunderbird failed to find the email settings for your account", ignore it and click Done.
  7. If you've received your test email, try replying to it. If you can receive and send email, your mailbox has been set up successfully.