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FAQs - Satellite Broadband

This article will answer some frequently asked questions about our legacy Satellite broadband product.

Please note: Satellite Broadband is no longer sold as of August 4th 2014.

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What is Satellite Broadband?

Westnet Satellite Broadband delivers high speed internet, particularly to regional or remote locations, where Broadband ADSL or wireless are not available.

Using two-way satellite technology to send and receive data instead of a telephone line means you don't have to be in a Broadband ADSL enabled area - you can be anywhere in Australia!

What can I expect with Satellite Broadband?

In general Satellite Broadband provides faster internet speeds and better browsing speeds compared to Dialup.

Westnet offers three different speeds including 512kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps. Satellite Broadband delivers fast downloads for a variety of purposes including programs, music, movies, television shows, etc.

Customers may find certain applications will not run as effectively on a Satellite Broadband service when compared with an ADSL broadband service. This is largely due to the typical latency differences between the two service types; the latency or time taken to connect to websites is relatively high. Latency sensitive applications (such as online gaming and VPN) do not perform optimally and a delay in these services can occur.

The maximum browsing and speeds for Satellite Broadband are dependent on: the number of users using the service within the network at any one time, performance of the satellite system, weather conditions (locally and at the station) and applications being used.

Usually when visiting new sites it may take longer to load the entire page. However repeat visits to sites the page will load quicker as the images, etc will be stored in the cache.

Benefits & Features of Westnet Satellite

Westnet uses a single communication satellite devoted to providing you the best internet out there. The result? Great value plans and higher bandwidth.

Can the satellite dish be placed on all roof types?

No, if you have an asbestos or fibro roof the satellite dish can not be placed on the roof and will be placed on the ground.

What are the excess charges on satellite plans?

Once you reach your monthly download allowance, excess will be charged at 5c/MB. Please note: your excess rate may be higher or lower than this, depending on when you signed up with Westnet and your individual plan and contract circumstances. For more information, please contact Westnet Accounts on 1300 855 006. Alternatively, you can choose to have your service shaped to 64k/64k once you reach your usage limit - this will help you avoid any excess fees.

Does Westnet offer Dialup as back-up access for Satellite Broadband customers?

Westnet provides a back-up dial-up services to customers at the rate of $1.10 per hour.

How is Satellite usage calculated?

Westnet receives Satellite usage data from its wholesaler roughly an hour after the usage is accrued; please bear this in mind when tracking your usage.

In terms of peak/off-peak times:

Customers, who signed up before July, 1st, 2010 have:
Peak Time: 8am - 11pm AEST/AEDST
Off-Peak Time: 11pm - 8am AEST/AEDST

Customers, who signed up after July, 1st, 2010 have:
Peak Time: 9am - 11pm AEST/AEDST
Off-Peak Time: 11pm - 9am AEST/AEDST

What does the set-up involve?

After signing up to Westnet Satellite Broadband, a registered installer will contact you to organise an installation date. Installation takes approximately 21 to 28 days. Once the installer has been to your house to install the roof mounted dish and connect you with Westnet Satellite hardware, you will be online within minutes.

Can I bundle my Satellite with Westnet Phone?

Yes - when you sign up for Satellite and bundle it with Full Phone you will save $10 a month on your Satellite service.

Is there a charge if I cancel, transfer or change address?

If you are in a 12 month contract, a $120 pro-rata charge applies.

Can I transfer my existing Satellite service to Westnet?

No; Westnet does not currently provide an inbound transfer or churn service. 

Can I change my plan?

Yes. If you are changing your plan within a speed bracket no fee applies. If you are changing the speed of your plan a $19.95 fee applies.

What are the payment options?

Westnet has two preferred payment methods including Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Is the satellite modem compatible with devices such as switches/routers?

Yes, the modem can be used in conjunction with most switches/routers to share the connection between multiple PCs.

Can I have a static IP address with my Satellite service?

A static IP is not available at this time.

Is peering traffic free?

All downloads and uploads will be counted towards your monthly allowance.

How long is the warranty on the hardware?

A 12 month warranty applies should the hardware be faulty.

Will the weather affect the internet connection?

In most cases the weather will not affect the internet connection. When weather conditions are not optimal, the technology then increases the power to maintain the connection.

What hardware is required to connect to Satellite Broadband?

The hardware includes the following:

  • A modem is used to connect the satellite dish and computer.
  • A dish consisting of,
    • Dish face,
    • The Block Up Convertor used to send data to the satellite from the modem;
    • The Low Noise Block Down used for receiving the data from the satellite to the modem.


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