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FAQs - Broadband2+

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Broadband2+?

Broadband2+ is not available in all locations. Please visit the availability checker on our website.

Westnet offers two Broadband2+ products. Please note different downloads, prices and conditions do apply as they utilise different networks.

I am currently on your Broadband2+ Pro ULL product, will I be automatically migrated to your newer Broadband2+ services? What is the difference?

Westnet has three Broadband2+ products on separate networks, so it's not a simple process of migrating customers across. Because of this, Westnet cannot automatically transfer your service.

Plans will also differ depending on which network you are on. The new download allowances cannot be passed on to members on the Broadband2+ ULL product due to the vastly differing challenges in delivering both products.

To discuss moving your service and the options available to you, please contact our Sales team on 13 19 60.

How much does Westnet Broadband2+ cost?

You can view our plans and pricing on the ADSL2+ internet page of our website.

Do Broadband2+ plans receive free traffic?

All plans receive free traffic in the Westnet Freezone, apart from Broadband2+ Option 1 on the ULL network. This means traffic from within Westnet Freezone is not counted towards your monthly allowance.

What is the contract period?

There is a minimum six month contract period. A $69 early disconnection fee applies if the Broadband2+ is cancelled within the first six months. Broadband2+ ULL conditions will differ.

What are the connection fees?


  • New Connection and Single Service Transfer (SST) Supported = $79.95
  • Single Service Transfer Unsupported = $139
  • Churn (within the Westnet network) = $39

How long do I have to wait until I get the Broadband2+ service from signup?

New connections will take approximately 5-8 working days for the service to become active.

Churn connections generally take 1 working day for the service to be transferred to Westnet.

Broadband2+ ULL connection times will differ.

I am having trouble with my Broadband2+ connection, what do I need to do?

Please contact Westnet Technical Support on 1300 786 068.

Do I need both Full Phone and Broadband with Westnet?

No. Customers have the flexibility to choose a standalone service or bundle Broadband2+ with Westnet Phone to save up to $120 per year.

If you signed up to Broadband2+ ULL you must bundle your internet with Westnet Phone.

What will be my Broadband2+ Speed?

The speed you will receive on your Broadband2+ connection is dependent on:

  • How far you live from the local telephone exchange,
  • Configuration and quality of your phone line,
  • Quality of your Broadband2+ modem and line filter,
  • The number and type of services being used in your neighbourhood,
  • Interference from outside sources,
  • Your computer's hardware and software set up, and the configuration of any computer you are trying to access.

Broadband2+ Pro ULL specific information

If you are currently on the ULL network for Broadband2+ the following information will apply:

  • If you are an existing customer and have a Static IP or Subnet, when upgrading to Broadband2+ you will require a Business grade plan in order to keep them.
  • In most cases if you have a handset with Telstra and cancel your account, the handset charge will be on your final invoice with Telstra. Please contact Telstra for all details on your account.
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