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What is fetchtv?

Westnet's fetchtv is a world-class digital TV service, delivered to your lounge room via a state-of-the-art high definition set top box that lets you pause, rewind or record your favourite shows.

Fetchtv comes loaded with 3 HD digital tuners that bring you free-to-air TV, as well as quality subscription channels delivered over your broadband connection - with access to stacks of movies, online games, social media applications and more.

To top it all off, you'll have a whopping 1 TB hard drive for up to 500 hours of standard definition personal recordings.

Can I get fetchtv?

Fetchtv is currently available in selected areas. You'll need an Westnet broadband or Naked DSL account that's connected to a fetchtv-enabled exchange. We also recommend using Westnet's BoB™, as he's completely fetchtv compatible.

You can get FetchTV on the following residential plans:

  ADSL2+ ADSL 1 With Phone ADSL 1 Unbundled
Home-1 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Home-2 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Home-3 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Home-4 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Home-5 N/A Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Home-6 N/A Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1

You can get FetchTV on the following business plans:

  ADSL2+ ADSL 1 With Phone ADSL 1 Unbundled
Business-1 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Business-2 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Business-3 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Business-4 FetchTV 1/2 Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Business-5 N/A Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1
Business-6 N/A Fetchtv 1 Fetchtv 1

Fetchtv is also compatible with some of our grandfathered plans.

Which modems are compatible with fetchtv 2?

For fetchtv 2, you'll need a modem with the latest fetchtv-compatible firmware. Please see our FAQ for a full list.

For fetchtv 1, you can use any modem that supports broadband2+. Just make sure there's an Ethernet port available that can be used for your fetchtv set top box.

Can I watch fetchtv in more than one room?

This feature is currently under development; we'll keep you posted with any new information.

Can I still connect my DVD player, game console, home theatre, etc.?

Yes, when you install fetchtv, other home entertainment equipment can remain connected to your TV. Audio equipment can be connected via the set-top box (STB) to support advanced features such as 5.1 surround sound.

Do I still need my digital STB for free-to-air channels?

The fetchtv set-top box contains digital tuners that allow you to receive digital free-to-air signals via your TV antenna, so you won't need a separate digital box.

How many hours of TV can I record?

The fetchtv STB can store up to 1025 hours of content. About 500 hours will be available for personal, standard definition recordings in MPEG4SD format. The remaining space is used to store fetchtv Video on Command, available for you to access at any time.

Will fetchtv count toward my quota?

Internet-based applications on your fetchtv set-top box (like Twitter and Wiki) will count towards your quota; but all fetchtv TV, Video on Command and pay-per-view movie content is absolutely unmetered.

How fast does my broadband need to be to get fetchtv?

We offer a range of service packages depending on available broadband speed:

Fetchtv 2 delivers the full-featured service with all Standard Definition channels, and is available to users with speeds of approximately 4.6Mbps or more.
Fetchtv 1 is less bandwidth-intensive, for users with speeds of 1.5Mbps or more. It doesn't include subscription channels, but you can still access movie rentals, games, applications and digital free-to-air TV.

If I move house, can I take my fetchtv with me?

Because fetchtv doesn't require any special installation, you can easily take it with you when you move, provided your new place meets the usual service qualification.

Will fetchtv work on my computer?

Fetchtv content is delivered over a closed network, rather than the open internet, so you won't be able to watch it on your computer.

Does fetchtv work on a wireless network?

No, fetchtv can't be accessed using a wireless network. This is because the limitations of wireless technology could potentially result in connectivity problems, affecting the quality and reliability of your TV experience. We recommend professional cable installation or a Powerline Communications device (PLC) as an alternative to long Ethernet cables.

How does the Powerline Communication (PLC) work?

PLCs can be used to distribute a broadband connection throughout a house, using the existing electricity wires. Simply plug one PLC into a power outlet near your modem, then connect your modem using an Ethernet cable. Once you've done this, plug another PLC into an outlet near your set-top box, connecting everything up using another Ethernet cable.
This setup allows data to flow from your modem to your fetchtv box, without the need for long Ethernet cables running through the house.

Are there ads on fetchtv?

There are ads in free-to-air channels on the linear subscription TV channels, however movies and Video on Command content are completely ad-free.

Do I have to buy a fetchtv Set Top Box?

You'll have the option to rent or purchase a fetchtv set-top box from Westnet, however the service won't be compatible with other STBs.

How do I set up my fetchtv set top box?

Plug your TV antenna into your fetchtv STB, then connect your STB to your TV using the HDMI, composite or component cables included in your set top box package.

Connect BoB™ to your Naked DSL line or to your phone line via the ADSL line filter. This is the gateway used by your set top box to access fetchtv content and online games.

Finally, connect your STB to BoB™ via the supplied Ethernet cable. Alternatively, you can order a PLC (power line communications) device from us along with your fetchtv service. A PLC device lets your modem transmit fetchtv content to your set top box via existing electrical wiring.

Does fetchtv allow me to get internet on my TV?

Fetchtv doesn't provide internet access on your TV; however selected internet content may be available through games and social media applications.

Is fetchtv IPTV?

Yes, sort of. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which is the technical name for "digital television delivered over internet protocol". Fetchtv is a little different to what most Australians consider to be IPTV for a couple of reasons...
Firstly, the fetchtv delivery method (multicast) enables content to be delivered straight to your TV set, rather than to your PC. It's delivered in broadcast quality with no degradation of picture quality or download delays. Finally, fetchtv viewing is unmetered, so it doesn't impact on your broadband download limit.

How much do movies cost?

There are 30 movies included each month with your monthly fetchtv 2 subscription, at no additional cost. Pay-per-view movies are also available on both fetchtv 2 and fetchtv 1 plans - pricing is available via the 'On Command' menu of your STB.

Will fetchtv slow down my broadband?

Your fetchtv service and internet activity share the same connection. Faster net connections should be able to handle both types of traffic without any problems. It's possible that users on slower connections may experience some minor slowdown.

Can I get fetchtv if I live in an apartment or unit?

Yes. Because fetchtv involves a simple plug-and-play installation, you can install it anywhere with a fast broadband connection in a fetchtv-enabled area.

Does fetchtv come with a TV guide?

Yes. An easy-to-use Electronic Program Guide (EPG) allows you to see programs coming up over the next 7 days on linear channels. This feature is included on your STB.

How do I block channels?

Your STB comes with a parental PIN lock, which lets you restrict access to nominated channels. You can find instructions for this feature on the last page of your User Manual.

What does "dark fibre" mean?

Dark fibre refers to unused optical fibres connected at an exchange. It's the infrastructure that helps deliver the type of data required for fetchtv. That's why this service is only available in particular areas .

Does my set top box come with content already on it?

Your set top box starts out with a selection of games and applications on it. Once you get fetchtv online via BoB, it will automatically start filling up with movies, documentaries and other awesome Video on Command content.

What will my fetchtv service cost me?

The table below outlines all setup and contract fees associated with a fetchtv service:

Setup fees
With set top box rental (one-off-setup fee when you rent a set top box on a 24 month contract) $0
With set top box purchase (no setup fees when you opt for the $399 set top box purchase) $0
Contract break fees (applies to rentals only)
Within 21 days $110
1-6 months $430
7-12 months $310
13-18 months $190
19-24 months $60

What does it cost to purchase additional or replacement hardware?

Additional hardware
Replacement remote (exclusive to IPTV) $29.95
Power line communnications device (exclusive to IPTV) $149.95
5m Ethernet cable $9.95

All hardware listed above may be ordered through MyAccount. Prices listed include domestic shipping.

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