Viewing Invoices in MyAccount

This article will show you how to view your invoice history for your Westnet account.

Please note: You’ll need Adobe Reader installed to view PDF files.

Viewing Invoices

  1. Log in to MyAccount and select Bills & Payments.
  2. Select Invoices from the left-hand column, The first thing you’ll see is the current amount owing on your account and the date for your next payment, followed by any Outstanding Invoices.

  3. You’ll also have a list of all of your Past invoices. These can be viewed in your web browser as either a Text Version, or a PDF file by clicking View Invoice (PDF).

  4. When viewing a Text Version invoice in your browser, you can save a copy by highlighting the text with your mouse, right-clicking and selecting Copy. You can then Paste the copied text into a Word document or similar program to save it (however, PDF invoices are recommended).

  5. When viewing a PDF invoice in your web browser, you can save a copy by hovering your mouse near the bottom of the browser window to bring up a panel of buttons and then select the Save icon.