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Viewing Invoices in MyAccount

The following will guide you through veiwing invoices using Westnet's MyAccount.

Log in to MyAccount 2 from the left hand side of Westnet's website by entering your username and password in the MyAccount section on the MyWestnet page and clicking the "Login" button.


In the "account balance" area you will see any outstanding invoice(s). To view a list of all your invoices click on the "show all invoices" button.

Account Balance Area

You will now be presented with a list of all your invoices. You will have the option of viewing a "Text" or "PDF" version of your invoice. The selected invoice will open in a new window. To view the PDF version you will need a PDF viewer for example - Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Account Balance

In this new window you will have the option of printing the invoice.

Print Invoice


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