Relocations FAQ

When you move, we help you relocate your Westnet services to your new address.


The benefits of moving with Westnet

- Keep your home phone number and Westnet email address
- Awesome service from our specialised Movers Team
- Waived contract break fees when you relocate - No lock-in contracts
- Change your plan when you need to


When to contact us about moving house

Once you know the date(s) you’ll be moving out of your current address and into the new one, please lodge a relocation in MyAccount or call us on 1300 899 368.

It's best to get the ball rolling at least 2-3 weeks before your moving date.

Important things to note

  • If you have Westnet ADSL2+ broadband but your Home Phone isn’t provided by Westnet, you’ll need to confirm that your Home Phone (landline) is active at your new address before we can relocate your ADSL2+ broadband service.
  • Relocation work that requires a technician to visit your address cannot commence until you have the keys to your new property.


Relocation fees

Save money when you relocate your Westnet broadband

When you relocate your existing Westnet broadband service, you'll pay no contract break fees for your existing contract.

Relocations incur standard broadband activation fees, which vary according to the type of internet being connected at your new address:

Service type Broadband activation fee
No lock-in contract 6-month broadband contract
NBN™ Nil Nil
ADSL2+ Nil N/A
Naked DSL $59.99 N/A
Westnet Cable $59.99 N/A
Westnet VDSL2 $59.99 N/A
OptiComm Fibre & Places Victoria Fibre $79.00 N/A


Other standard connection fees may apply:

  • If you are moving to a newly developed NBN™ estate, NBN Co may charge a New Development fee of $300. More information.
  • If you're getting ADSL2+ or Naked DSL, in the event that a Home Phone line must be installed or re-activated at your new address, Westnet discounts the New Line Connection Fee/Line Re-activation Fee by up to $200 to just $99.
  • A standard Home Phone (landline) activation costs $59.00.


Relocation timeframes

Service type Estimated timeframes*
NBN™ Up to 2 working days after connection appointment (appointments subject to technician availability)**
Home Phone where an active phone line is already present at new address Up to 2 working days of disconnection from current address
Home Phone where a new landline must be installed at new address (urban areas) Up to 5 working days of disconnection from current address
Home Phone where a new landline must be installed at new address (major rural areas) Up to 10 working days of disconnection from current address
Home Phone where a new landline must be installed at new address (minor rural & remote areas) Up to 15 working days of disconnection from current address
ADSL2+ (note that Home Phone must be connected before ADSL2+ connection may proceed) Up to 10 working days
Naked DSL Up to 20 working days
Westnet Cable Up to 14 working days
Westnet VDSL2 Appointment booked within 7 working days, connection occurs on appointment day
OptiComm Fibre Up to 10 working days if established infrastructure is present**
Places Victoria Fibre Up to 4 weeks if established infrastructure is present and appointment is required**

*Actual timeframes may differ based on external factors, technician availability and workload.
** If no infrastructure has been previously established at the new address, timeframes are subject to technician availability and installation requirements from our wholesaler. Non-standard installations may attract additional costs from our wholesaler - the technician will be able to quote these costs if applicable.

IMPORTANT: If a previous tenant/owner has left an active phone service at your new address, we may not legally proceed with your relocation until that active service has been cancelled or relocated, or you have supplied us with Proof of Occupancy documents. We'll contact you with more information if this is the case.


Keeping your phone number

You can keep your phone number in the vast majority of cases, except where:

  • It's a landline number attached to a specific telephone exchange and you move to an address that’s serviced by a different telephone exchange
  • You move to a different geographical call zone/area code, e.g. interstate.

We'll check if keeping your number is possible when you lodge your relocation.


Moving overseas permanently?

Sadly, we can't provide telecommunications services outside of Australia. Please call us on 1300 786 068 for advice on closing your account.

For temporary overseas trips, we can help determine if keeping your account active for the duration of your trip would be more convenient and cost-effective than closing your account and re-opening it upon your return.