Westnet Mobile Phone General Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PUK code - how is it different than a PIN code?

Be Careful, do not attempt to guess this code! A PUK code is a security feature enabled when you incorrectly enter your personal PIN code into the phone. PUK stands for Pin Unlock Key and is kept by Westnet to help protect your phone from unauthorized use. To get your PUK code, contact Westnet support on 1300 786 068.

Incorrectly entering the PUK code ten times will destroy your SIM card. This is a safety feature to help guard against an unauthorised person using your mobile telephone.

What is an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number?

Every mobile phone has a unique serial number called an IMEI number. This number is identified when a connection is made to a mobile phone network. It is a 15 digit number which can be found on the original packaging, behind the battery, or by dialing *#06# from the handset. It is a good idea to keep this number in a secure location. IMEI numbers are useful for blocking a specific mobile phone handset from being used if it is registered as lost or stolen. The IMEI system is designed to discourage theft of mobile phones, as they can be blocked by network carriers.

My phone is network locked. How do I use it with Westnet mobile?

Some providers offer mobile phones at a discounted price and lock the phone to their network. If you have a network locked phone, you can call the provider for assistance in unlocking the phone. As Westnet mobile utilise the Optus network - you are able to use an Optus locked phone.

Crazy John's: 132 299

Telstra: 125 111

Three: 133 320

Vodafone: 1300 650 410

What does 3G mean?

3G stands for Third Generation mobile technology and allows mobile users to utilise high-speed Internet content and video data. Before 3G technology, consumers were limited to dial-up Internet speeds and basic phone functions (phone calls and SMS). Since 3G has become available, consumers have access to broadband speeds through their mobile handset.

I have a 3G phone - will this work in areas without 3G coverage?

Yes - if a 3G mobile signal is not available in an area, you will fall back onto the 2G network if it is available in that area. The 2G network will allow for phone calls, SMS and basic browsing speeds. Many handsets have an icon or symbol on the screen so that you can differentiate between areas of 3G coverage and 2G coverage.

Does Westnet offer Voicemail? How do I activate it?

Yes - Westnet Mobile has a personalised voicemail service which is automatically added to your account after activation. Voicemail can be set up by dialing 321 from your mobile and following the prompts.

Does my phone stop working when I exceed my included call value or included data?

No - your Westnet mobile is not restricted when you exceed your included call or data value and you will begin accumulating excess charges. We endeavour as much as possible to notify you of your usage, however there may be a 24 - 48 hour delay in reporting your usage. Please bear in mind that as notifications are delayed, they should be used as a guide for your usage and not an exact figure.

Can I make international phone calls from my Westnet mobile service?

Yes - International calls are able to be made from your Westnet mobile phone service. By default, we turn this feature off as a safety measure. To enable International Calls, log in to Toolbox (LINK) with your Westnet username and password. Be sure to check out our international calling rates (LINK). International calls are not included in your call value and are charged at excess rates.

How do I contact emergency services from a mobile phone?

It is possible to dial Triple Zero (000) from your mobile phone. You are not able to send a text message (SMS) to Triple Zero as the phone they are not accepted by Triple Zero. When depending on your mobile for access to emergency services, consider that remote areas may have poor phone reception, and mobile phone batteries can drain even when not turned on. Even if you have a GPS feature on your phone, emergency services do not have the ability to gather this information from the handset, however it may be possible that you could use the GPS function in order to verbally give coordinates to the Triple Zero operator. The international emergency number 112 is also available from your handset, although they are forwarded to Triple Zero.

Emergency calls can be routed through any mobile phone network that is available in the area. This means that if you are in an area with no Optus reception, you may have access via another carrier's network.

I want to know how much of my Voice or Data value I have remaining. Where can I do this?

This information is available through Toolbox, an account management system available to every customer. Simply log in to MyAccount to check the calls you have made and how much value remains. Please remember that call and data usage records can take up to 48 hours to be recorded into Toolbox.

I have old mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories that I would like to recycle. Any ideas?

We recommend Mobile Muster which is an organisation that collects and recycles old mobile phones, batteries, accessories and chargers. They even have a handy search tool (http://www.mobilemuster.com.au/recycle-a-mobile/) to find the nearest collection bin.

I can't find the model number of my mobile phone.

Look all around the mobile phone for a model number or name that identifies the particular model of mobile phone you have. If you have the box or instruction manual, look for information there. If the mobile has a consumer removable cover or battery, open that and look behind the battery. Most phones will list model number and manufacturer on a stamp within this area.

What is a Premium SMS?

Premium services can be known as premium SMS, premium MMS or premium messages. They are entertainment and information content such as pictures, ringtones, information and files which are purchased from 3rd party content providers. They are usually purchased by texting a request from your mobile phone (to a number starting with 19), entering your mobile number on a website, clicking a link within a website when browsing via your phone.

Are Premium SMS included in my included call value?

Premium SMS messages are not included in your call value and will be charged at excess rates. You have the ability to turn off access to Premium SMS services through Toolbox.

I have questions about the billing of my Premium SMS.

Premium SMS messages are provided by 3rd party content providers, and billing enquiries should be directed to them. Westnet can help you find contact details for a content provider who has billed you for Premium SMS. If you are having difficulty contacting the content provider, phone the Westnet Accounts Team on 1300 855 006 and we will be able to assist you.