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Netphone FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caller Line Identification (CLI)?

CLI is data that is automatically generated at the time a call is established and passed through carrier networks; and includes the called party's number, the calling party's number, the date and time of the call, the call's duration and routing. CLI facilitates efficient call management, route selection and billing and is passed between carriers to support the operation of carriage services in accordance with the Telecommunications Act 1997 (the Act).

CLI makes possible the provision of a range of products and services to customers, including Calling Number Display and Calling Name Display (both referred to as CND). The exchange of CLI between carriers however, can also raise risks to personal privacy because of the personal information that is being exchanged.

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What is Calling Number Display?

CND means that the phone number of the service used by calling parties will be displayed automatically to customers who subscribe to CNDsServices. Callers may be identified by their numbers before their phone calls are answered and that their numbers may be captured by organisational users of CND and linked to databases for recognition of callers and use of this information.

CND offers a range of service advantages for people receiving calls, such as being able to identify the source of incoming calls before picking up a receiver, keeping a log of incoming calls while away from the phone and being able to immediately return a missed call. CND offers several benefits to business users, including retaining contact numbers of callers for the purpose of future contact and providing enhanced service for existing customers, who can be immediately recognised at the time of their call.

However, CND also raises some complex problems through the risks it poses to personal privacy, where it applies to existing telecommunications networks and participation is on an opt-out basis. Callers in many situations may not wish the receiver to be able to identify their telephone number. Doctors who call patients from home, customers who call businesses but do not wish to be contacted in the future, and victims of domestic violence are some of the groups who may not want their numbers disclosed. Integrated with other technologies, CND can allow increased collection and use of personal information, without the knowledge of the consumer.

Unless you block your telephone number, your number (with date and time of the call) will be displayed on the telephone or mobile handset of the person you are calling where that person has CND.

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What is CND blocking?

Customers are allowed to block their CND, free of charge. CND blocking means the method by which a customer prevents their CND information from being displayed to subscribers of CND services, either permanently, or on a per-call basis.

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How do I block CND?

Customers can manage their personal privacy by blocking CND. Customers who do not wish to have CND displayed to the called party can opt-out, either on a per-call or permanent basis. Customers opting out on a per call basis can prefix a call with *67. Customers opting out on a permanent basis can go to MyAccount and choose "disable CLID".

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Disclosure of your CLI

If you have call blocking or line blocking enabled on your phone line, or you have a silent number, your CLI will generally not be disclosed to third parties.

However there are some circumstances in which your CLI will always be disclosed. You cannot block CLI on calls made by you or someone else on your phone line:

• To the emergency call service (000)

• On Internet dialup calls made to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who uses a Telstra ISDN service or an 01983 access number, but only where the ISP uses the CLI for fraud prevention, billing, call management or credit control.

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What should I do if my CND blocking fails?

If you become aware that your CND blocking has failed, first take up the matter with us. If the problem is not resolved, you can raise the matter with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), who can investigate and help resolve your complaint. You can contact the TIO on freephone 1800 062 058.

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Is CND available with Netphone1 and Netphone2?


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How do I make a call using Netphone?

Just pick up the telephone handset that is plugged into your Netphone router or ATA and dial the number the same way you normally would. You can ring anyone, anytime, anywhere.

If you have both your Netphone line and your regular landline connected through your modem/router, always ensure you can hear a continuous dial tone before making your call. This indicates you'll be using Netphone rather than your landline.

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Who can call me?

With Westnet Netphone you will receive your very own Netphone telephone number so anyone can call you, even if they don't have an Internet connection. Friends and family simply dial your Netphone number from a standard telephone and your telephone handset connected to your Netphone VoIP router or ATA will ring!

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What about the dial tone?

If you're using Netphone you won't hear a traditional dial tone; you will hear a continuous tone instead.

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Can I use my computer and talk on the phone?

Yes, you can use your computer while talking on your Netphone service.

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Does my Netphone service slow my connection down?

Faster Internet connections should be able to handle the phone calls and web traffic without any problems. But since your Netphone and any Internet activity have to share the same connection, calls made on some slower connections may result in some sites taking longer to load.

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Can I take my phone adapter when I travel?

No. Netphone needs to be set up on your home or business broadband connection.

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Does my computer have to be turned on?

No. Your computer does not need to be turned on when you make a call, but your modem or router needs to be turned on.

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How do I know I have a Netphone phone call?

The telephone handset connected to your VoIP router or ATA will ring.

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Can I call normal landline and mobile numbers?

Yes. You can make and receive calls as you would on a fixed line telephone service.

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Can people on landlines and mobiles ring me?


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What features come standard with the service?

Basic products (no monthly fee):

• Call Forwarding Always (call charges apply)

• Call Forwarding Busy (call charges apply)

• Call Forwarding No Answer (call charges apply)

• Call Forwarding Selective (call charges apply)

• Call Waiting (call charges apply)

• Voice Mail (call charges apply)

• Voice Messaging to Email

• Caller Line ID Delivery Blocking

• Call Return

• Three way calling (call charges apply)

Premium products ($1.95 per month):

• Simultaneous Ring (call charges apply)

• Sequential Ring (call charges apply)

• Music on Hold

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Can I take the service and my number with me if I move?

This works like the standard phone service. You can only keep the same number if you move within the same calling zone.

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Can I use the service from overseas?

No, you can only use your service (dial out) from Australia.

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Can I use a fax machine with the service?

Some faxes will support faxing with Netphone, but as Netphone is a relatively new technology, many do not. If your fax machine cannot be upgraded to support Netphone or does not operate properly with your router or ATA, then you may not be able to use Netpone to fax effectively. If you really want to take advantage of using Netphone for faxing we recommend you consult with your local fax provider.

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Can I choose my own Netphone number?

We will offer you a range of five numbers when you sign up for Netphone. These all have to be numbers assigned to your local area. Netphone2 also allows you to transfer your existing landline phone number over.

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Can I keep my existing phone number (Local Number Portability)?

Yes, but only on Naked DSL.

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Will I be listed in the White Pages?

No. At this point, numbers on the Netphone system are not listed in the White Pages.

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Can I access Directory Assistance?

Yes, Directory Assistance is available. You can call the following numbers:

• 1223 (65c)

• 1225 ($2.15)

• 12455 (65c)

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Can I have multiple numbers?

No, but this functionality will be coming soon!

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How much does Netphone cost to set up?

VoIP does not have any initial setup fees - however, there is a $9.95 monthly fee for Westnet Netphone.

We also offer extremely competitive rates for a premium grade service, check out our Netphone rates page for more information.

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Will I be charged for uploads and downloads?

No, all Netphone traffic is a part of the Freezone, including Netphone uploads.

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What happens to Netphone when I exceed my download quota?

Netphone has Quality of Service (QoS) so will not be affected when download quotas are reached.

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Do I have to keep my landline telephone line?

In order to maintain your ADSL broadband connection, you must have a standard telephone line and in order to utilise our Netphone service, plus one of our broadband plans.

It is also recommended that this product is used as a second line service and not as the primary telephone line.

As VoIP utilises your broadband connection, any interruption to your internet connection will affect Netphone. Unfortunately problems with the network pop up from time to time and while we endeavor to fix these problems ASAP, those people that rely on Netphone more than others will ultimately be affected the most. Similarly, a power outage that affects your ADSL modem will have a similar effect on your Netphone.

This is why we recommended that you maintain another fixed line service or mobile phone with signal available as your primary line, particularly in the case of an emergency.

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Can I call 000 emergency services using Netphone?

You can, however, we advise you have another fixed line service or mobile phone with signal available in case you have to make an emergency call. Westnet accepts no responsibility for you being unable to make or receive emergency calls while your service is unavailable.

It is recommended that emergency calls are made from your primary line. This is because the primary line is more stable than the VoIP service. For example the primary line is not affected if the Internet connection is unavailable. If the power is out, the handset used for Netphone will not work. It is recommended that you have a non-powered telephone at your residence to make emergency calls when the power is down.

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What happens if the Internet connection goes down or the power is out?

If the Internet connection to our services is unavailable or the power is out, you will be unable to use the service. Please also note that if the power drops out while you are on a call your connection will be broken and you will be unable to continue the call - in which case it is recommended that you have another fixed line service or mobile phone with signal available in case you need to make an emergency call.

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What is the call quality like compared to a traditional phone call?

VoIP is a premium grade service. Under normal circumstances the sound quality is the same as a standard (PSTN) telephone service. We can't discount the possibility that there may be problems, however, this only generally happens if you are sharing your Internet bandwidth with another bandwidth intensive application.

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Do I need to have a broadband plan to use Netphone?

Yes, our service is only available to customers that have one of our broadband plans.

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Can I use Netphone with a dialup connection?

To ensure the best possible experience while using Netphone we do not offer it with our dialup services. Our service is specifically designed to utilise the high speeds of our broadband services.

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Is VoIP secure?

Yes. Although there have been reports that some VoIP software may be susceptible to hackers enabling eavesdropping on telephone calls, be assured that Westnet's Netphone service is highly secure, and is not vulnerable in this way. As long as you do not divulge your Netphone password to anyone, your VoIP service is secured.

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Do location based 13 numbers work?

Our geographic number range is not suburb based, it is based on call collection areas (call collection areas are invariably larger than suburbs). Therefore, if you call a location based 13 number (for example a pizza vendor or taxi company), your call will most likely not be connected to your local store/supplier.

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Am I allowed to use an override code to preselect another provider for a call?

No, as part of your CRA, you agreed that you would not use override codes when using this service.

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Am I allowed to preselect to another provider when using Netphone?

No, as part of your CRA, you agreed that you would not preselect to another provider when using this service.

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Can I dial 190X numbers?

At this present time you can not dial 190X numbers on Netphone. If you want to dial 190X services you should use your landline phone service (if you have one). Check out our premium services section for more information.

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What are the voice mail access numbers?

You can access Westnet voice mail on these numbers:

• 02 6104 9000

• 02 9029 0000

• 03 6294 6000

• 03 9029 0000

• 07 3122 0000

• 08 7122 0000

• 08 6262 0000

• 1300 443663 (only accessible on the Westnet network)

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