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The MyAccount service is a one-stop shop to administering your account details, viewing your usage and invoices, adding or removing additional features/services, and more!

You will need to log into the page with your main Westnet username and password that you use to connect to the internet. You cannot log into the page with the username and password of an additional Westnet email address.

If you experience difficulties logging into the MyAccount service, please contact Westnet Technical Support on 1300 786 068.

Examples of MyAccount Features




  • View/change your Email Protection options (also see Email Protection)
  • Apply for Express Backup
  • Apply for Personal Web Space
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to Westnet Mailing Lists, including the monthly Westnet Newsletter
  • Bookmark your favourite websites and access them from anywhere in the world through MyAccount
  • Apply for a single Static IP address, or enable/disable/cancel your existing Static IP address (if applicable)

Mobile Broadband (Only visible if you have Mobile Broadband services with Westnet)

  • Change Plan - Change your mobile broadband plan/s
  • Service Names - Add, edit or delete names to your mobile broadband service/s


  • Disconnect your current internet connection (please note, this will not cancel your Westnet account)
  • View failed login attempts
  • View your disconnection history

Hosting (Only visible if you have hosting services with Westnet)

  • Modify your DNS settings
  • View/change your domain email addresses
  • Reset FTP passwords
  • Modify your hosting plan
  • Request changes to your account

Phone (Only visible if you have phone services with Westnet)

  • Request itemisation of your local calls (Full Phone service only)
  • View your phone invoices (also see Checking Your Westnet Phone Usage)
  • View your unbilled calls since your last phone bill (also see Checking Your Westnet Phone Usage)
  • Change your Westnet Phone plan (also see Changing Your Westnet Phone Plan)
  • Generate reports based on your call usage
  • Enable/disable standard and/or additional features to your phone service (Full Phone service only)
  • Create a contacts list
  • Setup a spend reminder
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